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Vieux livre

Publications dans des revues scientifiques à comité de lecture 

Aulus-Giacosa, L., S. Ollier, C. Bertelsmeier, 2024. Non-native ants are breaking down biogeographic boundaries and homogenizing community assemblages. Nature Communicationss 15, Article number: 2266.

Aulus-Giacosa, L., F. Guéraud, P. Gaudin, M. Buoro, J. C. Aymes, J. Labonne, et M. Vignon, 2021. Human influence on brown trout juvenile body size during metapopulation expansion. Biology Letters 17, no 10: 20210366.

Valkonen, S., Aulus-Giacosa, L., Heikkinen, J., 2020. Tree mortality in the dynamics and management of uneven-aged Norway spruce stands in southern Finland. European Journal of Forest Research.

Aulus-Giacosa, L., Aymes, J.-C., Gaudin, P., Vignon, M., 2019. Hierarchical variance decomposition of fish scale growth and age to investigate the relative contributions of readers and scales. Mar. Freshwater Res. 70, 1828.

Livres/monographes évalués par des pairs (y compris la thèse de doctorat)

Aulus-Giacosa, L., Bates, O. K., Bonnamour, A., Bujan, J., Gippet, J., Fenn-Moltu, G., Klaftenberger, T., & Bertelsmeier, C., 'Effects on distribution and biological invasions' in González-Tokman, D., and Dáttilo, W. (ed) Effects of climate change on insects: physiological, evolutionary, and ecological responses. Oxford, 2024; online edn, Oxford Academic, 21 Mar. 2024).

Labonne, J., Buoro, M., Aulus-Giacosa, L., Vignon, M., Eldøy, S. H., et al.. (2022). Evolutionary Ecology of Kerguelen Islands Colonization by Introduced Salmonids: SALMEVOL 1041-2 project. [Research Report] Institut national de recherche pour l’agriculture, l’alimentation et l’environnement (INRAE); Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour (UPPA); Institut Polaire Paul-Emile Victor.

Aulus-Giacosa, L. (2021) Spatio-temporal evolution of life history traits related to dispersal. Brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) colonization of the sub-Antarctic Kerguelen Islands. These de doctorat, Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour.

Publications en cours de révision

Publications en cours de préparation 

Aulus-Giacosa L., Guéraud F., Gaudin P., Labonne J., Vignon M. A comparative study on growth over the course of a metapopulation expansion in a partial migratory species. 

Aulus-Giacosa L., Buoro M., Labonne J., Vignon M. Shifting threshold size at first migration in a context of species expansion range.

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